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We Service Most Makes & Models

(prices subject to change)

Seadoo Lanyard Program                       $70

  includes new DESS lanyard                  

Spring Tune-Up                                        $100 (Two Stroke)

  new spark plugs                                     $200 (Four Stroke)

  charge battery

  new fuel & oil filters

  oil change (four stroke only)

  cooling line inspection

  wash w/ marine soap

Winterization                                             $100

  fog engine

  stabilize fuel

  add antifreeze to cooling system

  charge and disconnect battery             

4 Stroke Oil Change                                 $85

Wear Ring Replacement                          $90 (most)

Jet Pump Rebuild                                     $125 (most)

Impeller X-Change                                    $150

Footmat Installation                                 $125

Seadoo 787 Engine Install                       $200

Seadoo 951 Engine Install                       $200

Seadoo Engine Alignment (most)           $150

Trailer  Wheel Bearing Replacement      $150

Trailer Wood Bunk Replacement            $50 each

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